Laser Electrical Winnellie Pty Ltd is committed to protecting the environment. Our operations will be conducted in a manner that prevents pollution, preserves natural resources and conserves all heritages. We are focused on pursuing our environmental goal of minimizing impact to land, water, air, flora and fauna.

To achieve our environmental goal Laser Electrical Winnellie Pty Ltd will:

  • Comply with environmental legislative, contractual and regulatory requirements;
  • Investigate report and respond to all environmental incidents and implement corrective actions to prevent recurrence;
  • Collect and analyse performance indicators and incident data to drive the continuous improvement process of our environmental performance;
  • Demonstrate appropriate leadership in managing the environment, including the management of premises, plant, equipment, vehicles, substances, heritage listed items, waste management, land and water;
  • Conduct an environmental impact study where necessary when purchasing or using premises, plant, equipment, vehicles, substances and systems of work;
  • Reinforce to employees and sub-contractors their environmental obligations through our programs of inductions, education and training. Cause managers and supervisors to be responsible and accountable for the environmental performance of their operations and activities;
  • Document, regularly review and assess processes, procedures, objectives, targets and the environmental impacts of our operations;
  • Communicate our policy to employees, sub-contractors and other stakeholders including the public. We will respond to the environmental challenges that we encounter in our business, and contribute to the foundation of an environmental sustainable future for our community.

Legislative Requirements

Laser Electrical Winnellie Pty Ltd is committed to a meet all Legislation, Australian standards and Codes of Practice listed below:

  • NT WorkSafe
  • ACIF S008
  • ACIF S009
  • AS 3000
  • AS 3080
  • AS 3084
  • AS 3085
  • AS 3087

Quality Policy

Laser Electrical Winnellie Pty Ltd combines its extensive experience, people, processes and technology to deliver bundled outsourced solutions. Laser Electrical Winnellie Pty Ltd is committed to earning and maintaining the confidence of its clients by providing quality resources and services designed to meet client requirements and expectations.

To achieve this objective we will:

Communicate our quality policy and procedures to all staff to ensure they understand their responsibilities and part in delivering quality service.

Provide resources and services that comply with statutory and regulatory requirements, standards, codes, certification and contractual requirements. Act quickly and assuredly on customer concerns to ensure we meet their needs and key performance indicators;

Effectively measure, monitor, analyse and review all business areas to promote continuous improvement

Capture suggestions from clients and staff to improve the effectiveness of the Business Management System;

Meet periodically to review and revise our Quality Policy and procedures to ensure they remain relevant to the organizations goals and objectives.

Management and staff are committed to quality in management and service and will strive to continuously improve performance.

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